Wind Tunnel Testing
Scheduling your wind tunnel test with Ambient Air Technologies is easy since the wind tunnel time required for testing each project is small. There is no need to wait for long lead times on your test schedule. Once we have your surrounding model complete, your project should be in and out of the tunnel within days.
We are pleased to provide both telephone and on-site consulting services for our clients. Sometimes, a little guidance is all that is required to help our clients achieve their goals. In other cases, our expertise has been utilized during programming, tested during design, and may be used to validate during commissioning. Scheduling consulting services is as easy as a phone call.
Ambient Air Technologies is proud to participate in a variety of conferences throughout the year. Look for Ambient Air Technologies on your program agendas. Some of our conference sponsors are listed here with links to their websites -- please visit them and look for Ambient Air Technologies' participation as exhibitors, speakers, and attendees.
Tradeline, Inc.
R&D Magazine Lab Design Conferences
I2SL (Labs for the 21st Century)
Society for College and University Planners (SCUP)
IMPORTANT: Many clients have expressed a desire to include Ambient Air Technologies in their educational programs. We will always be happy to schedule a presentation around our travel schedule and particularly around conferences.
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